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A full-fledged organization that manufactures and installs custom boat covers, dodgers, Bimini tops, erasers, upholstery, carpets and many other marine fabrics. We specialize in offering top-notch repairing, replacing and installing custom boat covers, dodgers, Bimini tops, erasers, upholstery, carpets, and many other marine fabrics without compromising on quality.

Boat trimmings that have been used in Sydney

Custom Made Boat Covers Sydney- High Quality waterproof Cover specifically tailored for Boat and Yacht

OZ Motor Trim has been a preeminent choice for quality-oriented Custom Boat Covers in Sydney. By specializing in various aspects of boat covers, we are able to offer full-fledged services under one roof which does count boat trimmers and boat covers repair Sydney. Since our organization is being managed by a team of boat enthusiasts and offers a personalized approach, as a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality craftsmanship of our custom made waterproof boat covers in Sydney.

Why Choose ‘OZ Motor Trim’ for Best Quality Boat Covers in Sydney?

Our services are exclusively for boat owners who are serious about protecting their assets. OZ Motor Trim completely ensures you handcrafted custom boat covers in Sydney with the highest quality material and 100% custom fittings. The factor which makes us a preeminent choice for custom boat covers (including associated services) is:

  • OZ Motor Trim specializes in offering a broad spectrum of services that includes custom boat covers, erasers, dodgers, bimini top, upholstery, carpets and many other marine fabrics.
  • Our waterproof boat covers deliver perfect fitting as per individual boat and trailed dimensions.
  • It is designed to be rugged for any season and offers long-term durability.
  • Our services for custom boat covers also come in a variety of colors to match with the aesthetic appeal of your boat.

Benefits you Gain with ‘OZ Motor Trim’ Custom Boat Covers Sydney

A boat cover, after a proper installation, confers numerous benefits. Our custom-made boat covers are designed in a way that safeguards your assets in extreme conditions. It not only preserves the look and appeal of your yacht, but also ensures the permanence of your boat. Some of the benefits of using OZ Motor Trim custom boat covers are:

  • It does keep your boat in clean and dust-free condition.
  • Our waterproof boat covers are designed to repel water and moisture.
  • Custom boat covers safeguards the aesthetic look of interior and exterior.
  • Safeguards boat in rainy, snowy and windy season.
  • The perfect fitting of our custom boat covers discourage theft and also shield the boat from debris.

Let us find you exactly what you are looking for in order to protect your beloved yacht. The uniqueness of our organization lies in the capability to deliver the best quality bespoke boat covers in the midst of expert workmanship.